Empowering Technology Sales Teams

to Win More Deals in Less Time

By Grace Tran, Digital Marketing Associate at AnnexQ / 26th Mar 2021

How to Maximize Remote Selling in Enterprise Sales

Asynchronous selling allows the seller to increase their win rates and decrease their sales cycle. Find out how to maximize your remote selling process to reach your sales goals.

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ  / 26th Mar 2021

Structuring Sales Proposals that Win 

Sales organizations that are meticulous about how they write sales proposals can position themselves to relish high conversion rates. Take the time to establish a methodology of creating a powerful proposal based on your prospect’s industry. Research what works and what doesn’t in their industry. 

By Tharani Rajamanickam, Blogger at AnnexQ / 17th Dec 2020

A recap of AnnexQ Live Web Event held on December 9, 2020: Social Selling

To listen to the recorded video, click here!

Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO at AnnexQ and Director of Sales at Andea, moderated an expert panel discussion, hosting the special guests Tony Lenhart,

Highly Effective Yet Simple Marketing Ideas To Get Your First Sale Quickly: A Guide Of Ideas For The New Entrepreneurs.

The first sale in the market is something of the highest value for a new entrepreneur. Even when you achieve higher miles that first deal stays something of the most value as that was where you started, that is something that gave you the confidence to achieve more. The first sale is like the first milestone a new entrepreneur achieves. To crack this one may seem difficult, it may seem like it would take a lot of time and effort to take place in the market

A Guide To Competitive Analysis For Your Business.

Marketing is nothing without powerful competitors. While they make it a difficult path for you having them also ensures you that you are on the way to achieve something great. But are these competitors easy to beat? To keep an eye on your competitor and getting something greater than them may seem a great way out but a more important part is to plan it all out.

Super Easy Ideas To Convince The Client For Your Deal

Cracking those deals could be tough at times as many of us miss out on simple things that indirectly matter the most. We majorly focus on being practical and putting forward the technicalities of profits and losses, but this is not that actually or say wholly matters in the case of business meetings. You need to know how to convince your client with your words and body language.

Simple Steps To Crack That Appointment With Any Client.

Meeting and appointments are a crucial part of any deal. To sell anything big or small, you need to schedule a meeting where you can convince the client about your deals. And to have that perfect meet you need to get an appointment for it first.

By Tharani Rajamanickam, Blogger at AnnexQ / 18th Nov 2020

A Recap of AnnexQ Live Web Event held on November 11, 2020: Delivering Successful Software/SaaS Product Demos

Delivering successful product demos enables sales teams to win more deals! As sales representatives, how can you create such stunning SaaS/software demos?

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ / 31st Oct 2020

Exceptional Product (Software/SaaS) Demos that lead to Closed Deals

There is nothing more powerful in your software sales process than a great product demo. When delivered correctly, a product demo allows your prospect to see how your solution can make their lives easier. Delivering an exceptional product demo is not easy. It requires a complete understanding of the product, the prospects’ business, their challenges, and expectations.

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ / 21st Oct 2020

A Recap of AnnexQ Live Web Event held on October 14, 2020: How ‘Video Selling’ can be the most powerful tool in your Arsenal

I had the pleasure of having a fireside chat with Jayson Duncan, Founder, CEO, and Chief Story Teller at Miller Farm Media.

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ / 5th Oct 2020

Using ‘Video Selling’ to Stand Apart from your Competition

According to a recent survey from LinkedIn, 96% of decision-makers say they are more likely to purchase the products or services of a brand if the sales professional has a clear understanding of their business needs. The survey results clearly show that in B2B sales these days, showcasing your understanding of your prospects’ business challenges is extremely important.

By Reagan Mendoza, Marketing Specialist at AnnexQ / 25th Sep 2020

A recap of the webinar “How to thrive in the new era of Remote Selling”
By Reagan Mendoza, Marketing Specialist at AnnexQ

Just recently, Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO at AnnexQ and Director of Sales at Andea, hosted the webinar “How to thrive in the new era of Remote Selling,” coupling with special guest Keith Willis, President at CoachtoAchieve.

By Jeremy Mendoza / Founder & CEO of AnnexQ / 10th Sep 2020

6 Essential Components To Look For When Building Your B2B Sales Stack

The sales cycle is becoming complex, irrespective of the industry and
products/services.The various touchpoints between the vendors and buyers
make it even more difficult to create engaging and personalized experiences.