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A Recap of AnnexQ Live Web Event held on October 14, 2020: How ‘Video Selling’ can be the most powerful tool in your Arsenal

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ

I had the pleasure of having a fireside chat with Jayson Duncan, Founder, CEO, and Chief Story Teller at Miller Farm Media.

Click here to view the recorded session.

Why here? Why now?

Upon introducing myself and Jayson to the audience, I began highlighting a recent B2B Decision Maker Pulse Survey composed by McKinsey & Company, which proves that digital remote selling has now superseded (almost doubled) traditional sales methods since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry experts say that this hike will continue even after the COVID-19 situation due to the leverage in digital media.

Remote Selling

I shared my views on how digital experiences created via remote selling have leveraged the way salespeople interact with their prospects online. Virtual meetings on Zoom and similar platforms have increased. The concept of ‘meetingless interaction’ (aka asynchronous interaction) is changing the way we do business and companies are learning how to significantly reduce their customer acquisition cost by simply using these asynchronous interaction techniques.

I went over the differences between Synchronous and Asynchronous interaction and gave an example of an asynchronous interaction when submitting a proposal to a prospect. In this example, the seller submits the proposal document along with a self-recorded video using screenshare, walking the prospect through the proposal, in which the prospect distributes within other decision-makers in the buying process. Feedback and questions are then given back to the seller either via email or comments in a file sharing environment.

I also shared this example where I used this GIF in my email invitation to register for this webinar.

Impact of Videos

A survey by Zoom on Qualtrics analyzed the responses of 722 C-level sales executives. With videos,

    • 82% of the respondents felt a greater sense of trust
    • 91% of the respondents experienced greater engagement

Video selling is not just a marketing tool

Jayson told the audience that, when it comes to SaaS B2B sales, buyers will not purchase from the seller simply by watching a video. It requires a systematic approach, which involves the 5 steps of the buyer’s journey, aka sales funnel:

    •  Awareness
    • Education
    • Consideration
    • Decision
    • Retention

Different videos at different stages

Jayson went over an array of video strategies that should be used the buyer’s journey:

There are tools like Loom, Vidyard, and similar plugins and web applications that enable you to simultaneously record your screen and face. Some allow you to change the camera angles and do various customizations as needed.

Specific examples of video selling

Jayson mentioned that thought leader videos are his favorite! Testimonial videos, which should not be scripted, are also highly recommend. Case studies put on video are becoming more popular, as are training videos which should be used in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

I personally have found training videos very beneficial when answering a prospect’s question about a product or solution that might otherwise require a demo meeting. Sending a video recording that clearly explains or demonstrates the solution resembles a training video and it eliminates the need to schedule another meeting.

Video Selling Tools

    • Tools like Wistia give you the ability to track who has watched your video and when.
    • Vidyard and Loom are great at tracking analytics and level of engagement.
    • Camtasia allows screen capture with edits.

With the data that these tools provide, you are able to capture your prospects through various avenues including email, social media, your website, YouTube, etc

Brief Q&A Session

Do you recommend smartphone videos?

Jayson: Yes, if you’re not ready to spend money on these tools. However, in order to be competitive in today’s landscape, these advanced tracking tools can help make or break deals.

Do you recommend Blooper videos for sales?

Jayson: No. We tried it and we did not see a difference in results. So, blooper content may work for some and not for others. It may be worth another try.

Great Story formula

Jayson highlighted the pillars of any marketing story:

    • People: Human connection is crucial. People buy from people. Hence, use real people as opposed to animation in videos.
    • Place: Though Jeremy had a virtual background during the webinar, it seemed lively, professional. But try to have a real background, and it should be neat and expresses who you are.
    • Plot: Explain the reason for your story by highlighting the buyer’s problem and how you can solve the problem.
    • Purpose: As a seller, share your value proposition.

Your videos can start with the problem statement, then talk your solution, build credibility, and showcase your products/services. Always end with a call to action.

Jayson’s Final Tips

    • Retarget and follow your prospects on social media
    • Create email sequences to consistently engage with your prospects
    • Make use of one-to-one videos, focusing on your prospect’s problems and your product’s value proposition

Jeremy’s Final Tips

    • Backgrounds in the one-to-one videos can be attention grabbers. Use your prospect’s company website or LinkedIn profile.
    • Instead of recording a lengthy video, make a series of video snippets.
    • Instead of sending a Zoom meeting recording, create a 5-8 minute video recap.
    • Attach thumbnails to your emails to increase open rates.

I wrapped up by thanking everyone for their participation and engagement, and announced my upcoming live web event taking place on Wednesday, November 11th, at 12:00 PM where I will have a fireside chat with Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo!: How to Create and Execute Stunning Software Demonstrations.

Register Now for this event.

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