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A recap of Sales and Marketing Leadership Alliance – June 2021: Moving Target: Post-Pandemic Buying Habits and Selling Strategies

By TharaniRajamanickam, Blogger at Annex Q Ken Schmitt, the founder of Sales and Marketing Leadership Alliance (SMLA) and CEO & Founder of TurningPoint Executive Search, moderated the discussion with the expert panel that includedJeremy Mendoza, Director of Sales atAndea, and the Founder and CEO ofAnnexQ,Art Robbins, Director Americas atTwimbit. The expert panel discussed the selling […]

Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales acceleration technology helps frontline and behind the scenes, salespeople identify qualified prospects, connect with them and increase the level of productivity during the selling process. . By utilizing sales acceleration technology, repetition gain access to invaluable customer intelligence data about the prospects, which results in salespeople having in every conservation with a customer. Sales acceleration […]