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6 Essential Components To Look For When Building Your B2B Sales Stack

By Jeremy Mendoza, Founder & CEO of AnnexQ

The sales cycle is becoming complex, irrespective of the industry and products/services. The various touchpoints between the vendors and buyers make it even more difficult to create engaging and personalized experiences.

When you provide your sales reps with the right tools, resources, and materials they need for converting leads, they will close more deals and drive more revenue to your business.
But how can you ensure the reps have the right resources to boost your conversions and close deals faster?

The answer is Sales enablement.

What is Sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the practice of ensuring reps have immediate access to all the resources they need for getting the job done, whether it is marketing collateral, tools, knowledge, data analytics, or training modules. It is a process of helping your sales reps help your business, whereby sales managers and sales managers remove every barrier to uptime, leaving a smooth engagement from the beginning. One key function of sales enablement that contributes to this smooth engagement is sales acceleration.

What is Sales Acceleration?

Sales acceleration utilizes data and other statistical insights to lay the foundation for your sales reps so they can direct sales funnels and sales cycles effectively and efficiently. This can boost the productivity of your sales team, and hence, the revenue of your company.

Sales acceleration focuses on creating and nurturing strong relationships with buyers rather than monitoring overall sales activities. When your sales reps focus on building relationships with customers, they can identify preferences and translate this collected information into perceptible data to document the customers within the CRM so that you can deliver the best experience.

Sales Acceleration Technology

For making the sales acceleration effective for your business, you need to use the right software and technology to help your sales reps close deals faster by improving their sales activities. These solutions provide in-depth insights that your sales and marketing teams require to create relevant content for customer interactions. Moreover, you want the right tools to connect those analytics and insights with buying signals and provide them with context to close the deal effectively. The sales acceleration technology you choose to implement should include:

1. Lead Database

Most companies simply accumulate data in a CRM tool, but it isn’t just enough. They need to dig deeper into it to derive insights that can initiate future lead generation. The lead database helps in boosting the CRM system and converting more leads. Besides, sales acceleration software with the lead database will qualify prospects based on the criteria set by your sales reps. Once your prospects have gone through the qualifying process, the sales acceleration tool will cleanse the data, filtering out unqualified prospects, leaving your sales and marketing team with the buyers more interested in your products and services.

2. Research Tools

While quantitative data is important, you should not underestimate the qualitative information like background, research findings, organizational charts, and competitive insights. These pieces of information arm your sales reps with information they need about the buyer to have a productive conversation.

3. Real-time Alerts

The real-time alerts are another essential feature your sales acceleration software should have. This helps your sales executives get alerts about customer events as they happen. The tool also arms them with alerts for management changes, mergers and acquisitions, and other important events that they should know.

4. Content Creation

No matter who your potential customer is, you want your content to be relevant and custom-made to fit your prospects’ needs and wants. You need a technology that provides a content customization feature. Because, whether the content is an eBook or a simple infographic, you want it to reflect your prospects and their needs.

5. Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms use big data to make effective product-specific predictions to identify areas of growth. This marketing analytics can help sales and marketing leaders focus their activities on qualifying lead and not waste their time targeting low-quality leads.

6. Email Service

Email is essential for sales acceleration and automation. Most marketing automation tools automate email within the campaigns based on predetermined events or activities. Sales reps can track deliveries, opens, clicks, and other engagement behaviors through the tool and recapitulate on their strategy based on the analytics that shows what type of emails get the most views or responses.

Sales enablement depends on sales acceleration solutions that shorten the sales cycle and improves productivity. However, not every sales acceleration tool is equal. The decision-makers need to consider the options carefully. The ideal tool integration will allow businesses to realize all the benefits of the sales acceleration listed above.

To make the sales acceleration strategy more feasible, you need to equip your sales team with integrated technology solutions that are comprehensive and effective. Start strengthening your ecosystem today. Start where you’re going to see the quickest return on your investment. Once you have these 6 essential components in place, review your pipeline and focus on the areas and stages that are slow to convert. This could be in prospecting stage. Maybe it’s at the proposal stage. Wherever it is, focus there and get started today.

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