Sales engagement tools designed BY salespeople FOR salespeople.

Resource Hub

  • Secure sales content management to centralize, manage and deliver the right content at the right time
  • Easily access internal documents such as sales playbook, training materials, competitor battle cards, templates, and more.

Discussion Wall

  • Post messages on the discussion wall which could include links, photos, or videos, for all stakeholders to view. All users may comment and interact similarly to a social platform.

Contract Management

  • Automate document workflows and management.
  • Send, sign, and request signatures with the eSignature feature.

Team collaboration

  • Get everyone, from both the buying and selling side, on the same page.
  • Share files such as virtual meeting recordings, recap videos, case studies, and presentation slides in one secure location that is organized to reflect which stage in the sales cycle you are currently in.
  • Share proposal in comment mode and obtain instant feedback.
  • Never wonder what the next steps are.

Dashboards and Analytics

  • Helpful insights that help determine the level of engagement of the prospect.
  • Providing real-time data on average time spent on specific content, dates and times they were viewed, and by whom they were viewed by.
  • Alerts sent to salesperson when somebody logs in and views content.

Easy login and magic link

  • When the time is right, invite other stakeholders such as IT, upper management, and cross-functional departments.
  • With the ability to view activity history and content that is relevant to each specific role, it is easy for any stakeholder to get caught up at their own pace.

Approval Workflow

  • Automatic notification alerts to streamline the process.
  • Assign tasks and request approvals.